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The EyeClinic has put Singapore on the ICL map with many Mongolians coming to SG for the procedure. Dr Lee was invited to Mongolia to educate on eye health. The EyeClinic also performed free eye checks on more than 100 Mongolians during the visit.

Dr. Cheryl Lee from Pacific Healthcare will be speaking at a public education forum in Ulaan-baatar to introduce Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL) as a superior alternative to Lasik, which not only has much fewer side effects such as dry eyes, but also is reversible.

Mongolia, 24 May 2013 — Dr. Cheryl Lee from Premium Healthcare Group of Pacific Healthcare will arrive in Ulaanbaatar this weekend to conduct a public education forum on the benefits of implantable Contact Lenses as the alternative to Lasik.

Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL) a reversible corrective vision procedure with neither corneal destruction nor dry eyes. It is made of Collamer, a pure collagen copolymer material, providing high definition vision and UV protection. As it is made of collagen it is biocompatible with no risk of rejection.

The cold climate and dry environmental condition in Mongolia has made Implantable Contact Lenses a popular choice for vision correction among Mongolians. ICL has no risk of dry ryes unlike LASIK where the nerves, important for producing tears, are cut.

Dr. Cheryl Lee has been invited by Starphami LLC to give a talk on Friday. 24th May (06:00 pm. Sukhbaatar District, Khoroo-I ,Chinggis Avenue, Starpharm LLC, next to Children’s palace!. Those who attend the talk will be rewarded with a complimentary eye check-up conducted over the weekend of 25 and 26th May 2013 (at the thin d state hospital, Songinokhairakhan Distric0when Dr Lee. shall administer an eye examination to assess their suitability for the procedure.

Dr Cheryl Lee

Dr. Cheryl Lee is a vision correction and retinal surgeon at the Pacific Eye Centre. She brings with her more than 10 years of international experience in the field of ophthalmology In England,  America and France. She is trained in the management of vision correction, cataracts, medical retinal conditions such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration, and ocular inflammatory disease. There have been many Mongolians who travelled to Singapore to consult with Dr. Cheryl Lee on eye conditions so this is a good opportunity to have her here to explain how to improve your vision and get rid of your glasses forever.

Dr. Lee sees a paradigm shift in eye care

‘ It is not just about looking younger, it is about Seeing Younger’

About Pacific Healthcare Holdings Ltd Pacific Healthcare Holdings was incorporated in January 2011 to provide one-stop, quality filicidal specialist services. The group offers a com-prehensile range of healthcare services including; specialist medical care, general practice medicine, dentistry, wellness facilities, nursing homes, and day surgery centres. The company has taken great care in assembling a team of over 40 healthcare professionals, trained in some of the world’s leading institutions, and have invested in cutting-edge technologies. Our medical and dental specialists focus on the total health and well-being of our patients. Today, the group has evolved and expanded to become a regional healthcare player specializing in the fields of Plastic Surgery. Cosmetic and implant Dentistry Obstetrics and Gy-naecology, Cardiology, Neurosurgery, Colorectal Surgery’ and others.

For more information, please contact: Dr. Odonchimeg  Batsukh, Starpharm LLC.

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