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Avoiding Myopia Boom during a pandemic

With our first circuit breaker one year ago , we saw kids with myopia increasing by 100 degrees within three months !

Home based learning, less outdoor time were great issues. So it is urgent and timely that I need to emphasise the importance of maintaining good eye habits during the pandemic lockdown.

  • Go outdoors where it is safe At least two hours per day ,especially given the flexibility of home-based learning to take the outdoor break when there is sunshine
  • Time limit with digital devices. As home based learning is already on devices, do make an effort to avoid recreational screen time. Mark and I played ball games and darts at home and he even learned to play Mahjong.
  • Regular eye examinations and myopia treatment should continue. Myopia is irreversible and thus the services at The EyeClinic is considered essential. Keep to your planned eye consult and we see all kids from four years old. This pandemic is causing a myopia boom. It is particularly important that children on myopia treatment, such as atropine and orthokeratology, not to have a lapse in their treatment because there is a risk of rebound myopia when treatment ends prematurely.
  • The Eyeclinic follows government’s regulations to ensure hygiene measures during Covid.
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