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There are scientifically proven novel techniques for treating dry eyes which did not exist before giving NEW HOPE to suffering patients. The Dry Eye Centre at The Eyeclinic by Dr Cheryl lee was started to bring in state of the art equipment to resolve main underlying reasons of dry eyes which are blepharitis and meibomitis.


Scientifically proven treatment for Marginal Gland Disease. 

The equipment treats the Meibomian glands of upper and lower eyelids with direct and indirect application of the two exclusive technologies.

LIGHT MODULATION® treats directly the Meibomian glands inducing endogenous heat of both eyelids, increasing and stabilizing tear lipid layer. 

OPE® applied on periorbital and cheekbone areas, triggers stimulation of neurotransmitters. These solicit the Meibomian glands to produce, contracting, a higher secretion; the natural lipid flow increases reducing evaporation of tears.

Eye-Light® is used for:

  1. Styes and Chalazions (Yan Zhen)
    By liquefying the oil discharge from meibomian glands and unblocking the blocked pore. Our children and adult patients are happy as it means that surgery is not needed.  
  2. Dry eyes due to marginal gland disease

When should treatment sessions be done to achieve optimal results?

To see good results and achieve high success, 3 treatments are needed. 86% of patients do get better!

Treatment session is 20 minutes per session and should be done on 1 to 2 weeks interval.

Why choose Eye-Light®?

  • Painless
  • Non-invasive
  • It is not a surgery
  • Straightforward clinic treatment
  • No down time, you can resume work and social activities immediately after treatment!

Watch the video to see how Eye-Light® is carried out. 

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