What do our patients do with their glasses?

Spectacle Recycling Program at The EyeClinic

After going through ICL™ or presbyopia treatment procedure at our centre, you do not have to worry about what to do with your then-unused spectacles!

The EyeClinic participates in 'Lions Recycle for Sight Singapore (旧眼镜回收工程)' project, where we collect the spectacles you donated and send all of them to the Lions Club International in Singapore. These spectacles will be cleaned, fixed, categorized by the club who will then distribute them to the less fortunate citizens in developing countries. While you begin to enjoy your spectacle-independent journey in life, your glasses also get to do the job of improving someone else's quality of life!

Here is a picture of our little spectacle recycling corner in the clinic!


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Our centre is also one of the healthcare institutions registered with the Ministry of Health. This means that your procedure may be claimable with your Medisave account. If you have any Insurance plans, your procedure may be claimable too. Do check with our staff for more information!


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