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What is EVO Visian Implantable Collamer Lens™?

“It works like your normal contact lens but without the daily hassle and discomfort”

ICL is a specialty customised lens placed in your eye which works with your natural lens to correct your vision. It’s been termed BEYOND LASIK because unlike LASIK there is no corneal destruction and is thus reversible. This means less or even none of the short and Long term side effects of LASIK.

Inplanting lens between the natural lens and the iris
Every few years, a ground breaking procedure becomes available. There was PRK followed by LASIK and now there is the EVO Visian Implantable Contact Lens ( EVO Visian ICL™) from Switzerland. This is a revolutionary advancement as it is reversible and causes no damage to your natural eye.

Why Choose ICL™?

Advantages of Visian ICL™ vs LASIK

Long term stable vision

As the cornea is not artificially thinned like LASIK, the prescription remains stable.

No need for glasses when presbyopia develops

This is because the Visian ICL™ is reversible. Hence, when presbyopia sets in, it can be exchanged for a multifocal lens. This is not an option for most LASIK patients with thinned cornea. 

No dry eyes

The nerves within the cornea which stimulate tear production are also cut in LASIK. This is why post-LASIK patients suffer from dry eyes. The nerves are left intact in Visian ICL™ so dry eyes are not a concern. This means more comfort, no red eyes and better vision. 

Why do we save the cornea
  1. For better quality of vision now and in the future No dry eyes
  2. No need for reading glasses as you can have multifocal lenses in future
  3. Accurate calculation for cataract surgery when needed in older age

Learn more about the differences here! LASIK vs Visian ICL vs PRK. Know Your Options.

Why choose The Eyeclinic by Dr Cheryl Lee for ICL?

      1. Experience that Dr Cheryl Lee has with the ICL surgery 

Dr Lee has been on the expert panel of ICL surgeon’s for more than one decade. She teaches surgeons round the world on ICL and many have also come to the clinic to learn from her. She has put her confidence and name behind the ICL and because of her dedication , she has performed more than 1000 ICLs. The experience means also for you that the procedure is faster as she takes five min for each surgery and is more comfortable for you. 

      2. Experience with measuring and ordering the correct size and prescription of ICL

It’s is very important to realise that it’s not only the surgery that determines good results. ICL is a lens customised to your eye. That is why we use an ultrasound machine called a UBM to measure exactly what the length of the sulcus of your eye as that is where the ICL sits. This is the gold standard. Many would say you don’t need the gold standard but at The Eyeclinic, we don’t take short cuts. You only have one prescious pair of eyes so always prevent problems not deal with them after it happens.

Who is suitable for ICL™?

The basic criteria of Visian ICL™ is that there should be enough space for the lens to be placed. This is easily determined by a quick, non-contact scan where the results are known immediately.
We have enormous technical and surgical experience with EVO ICL tm. So you can trust us to be confident of your assessment of suitability as this can differ from clinic to clinic. 
Good news for those who failed a  LASIK assessment eg candidates who were turned away due to dry eyes, severe myopia or a thin cornea . You are suitable for EVO  Visian ICL™ too.
After 20 years history, the Visian ICL™ is FDA approved and can correct:
  1. Myopia up to 1900 degrees
  2. Long sightedness up to 1000 degrees
  3. Astigmatism up to 600 degrees

Additionally, there should not be any changes to one’s glasses prescription of more than 50 degrees in a year and patients seeking to undergo the Visian ICL™ procedure should not be pregnant. Non-LASIK candidates who were turned away due to dry eyes, severe myopia or a thin cornea can opt for Visian ICL™ as well.


These are our suggestions:

  • We expect you to see well enough to watch TV and read on your phone on the same day and you leave with no eye shield just sunglasses. Your eyes feel pretty comfortable after.
  • No water and contact sports for 2 weeks.
  • No facials and eye lash extension for 2 weeks.
  • You could go back to work after 2 days
  • Air travel after two days

Though very rare, one of the risks of ICL is infection (0.01%). The other risks related with ICL are largely preventable if an ultrasound is used. The EyeClinic has 2 ultrasound machines to ensure that your ICL size is customised for your eyes. The risk of cataracts which can happen if the ICL is too small or glaucoma if the ICL is too big are largely eliminated.

Detailed measurement of the anterior segment of the eye is taken

So we arrive at this desired result.

The procedure takes about 5 minutes in each eye. The surgery can be performed under local anaesthesia (with the use of eye drops) or general anaesthesia which is pleasant if you prefer not to be aware of the surgery. There is therefore very little discomfort and normally no pain associated with the procedure.

Yes! In fact, we see any patients post Lasik as their cornea after Lasik has weakened and can’t maintain their prescription. These patients should not have Lasik again as is often suggested because the cornea is already overthinned and that is why the problem started in the first place.

If there are major changes in your vision, the ICL can  be easily removed and replaced. However that is unlikely to happen. Lasik thins the cornea and that weakness of cornea causes the far vision to get worse but ICL does not thin the cornea so the far vision maintains well for the long term. 

With age , everyone gets presbyopia which means we need help to read. If you don’t want to wear reading glasses , the ICL can be exchanged for a lens that allows you to see both far and near. Eg multifocal or extended depth of focus lenses. The reversibility of the ICLis its unique selling point. That is unlike LASIK, where your future options for the eye become limited once the cornea is thinned and there are more aberrations and glare. 

Both procedures should be able to get rid of your glasses. Lasik wins by price as it is cheaper. ICL wins if don’t want dry eyes and if you want good term long vision with no concern that the myopia will return. If you want to keep all your options for the future for presbyopia correction, any new technology be it AR/VR/ Google glass then the reversibility of ICL wins hands down.


Because in Lasik there is corneal removal  which is like a tattoo on your eye as this is irreversible. In ICL a lens is inserted without removing anything natural that belongs to you. It’s like an earring that can be removed compared to a tattoo. 

No. The ICL is designed to remain in place within the eye without maintenance. You can dive, fly and sleep without worries with the ICL. Normal contact lenses that lie ON the eye cause dry eyes and irritation after prolonged wearing hours. This will not happen with ICL as it is WITHIN the eye.

No. Because the ICL is placed behind the iris, neither you, nor an observer will be able to see the lens. It has no colour.

The ICL is intended to remain in your eye as long as you want it to. Unlike regular contact lenses, there is no need to remove it to wash nor is there an expiry date.

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