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Myopia Control Eyedrops

Bad reading habits, handphone use and increasing amount of school work cause myopia/short-sightedness to increase even up to 100 degrees per year. Uncorrected vision due to underpowered glasses also makes the myopia increase  more quickly. Your optometrist/optician is correct to ask you to change glasses. 
The proper treatment once myopia is diagnosed is to :
  1. give you the correct prescription to see clearly
  2. control the myopia so the power does not increase
Let us tell you more about how to stop myopia from increasing so you do not have to change glasses frequently.

“The higher the myopia, the greater the risk of blindness.
So, start taking care of your kid’s future now.”

How does Myopia Control Eyedrops work?

Myopia Control Eyedrops strengthens the scleral (wall of the eye ball), thus reducing the chance of the eye elongating. The longer the eye the higher the myopia so to control myopia, the eyeball must not grow longer. To learn what is myopia, click here.

What dose of Myopia Control Eyedrops does The EyeClinic advocate?

Recent studies by Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) found that with a lower concentration of Myopia Control Eyedrops, myopia control is as good, but with fewer to no side effects. Studies have shown that myopia progression in eyes treated with Myopia Control Eyedrops 0.01% was reduced by 50%.

If the control is not good enough, we could increase the frequency or the dose to 0.05% and at most 0.125%. In the older days, Myopia Control Eyedrops 1% eye drops was used popularly but it comes with side effects e.g. glare and inability to read due to dilated pupils. This would cause the person to need tinted lenses e.g. sunglasses, transition lenses, as well as a pair of reading glasses/ progressives. So at The Eyeclinic, we do not prescribe 1% Myopia Control Eyedrops as the side effects are debilitating and also discourages the children from playing outdoors because of glare. Sunlight is very important to prevent myopia progression by slowing down eyeball elongation. With other options available nowadays , we do not have to resort to the side effects. If your child does not respond well  to Myopia Control Eyedrops, other options should be explored,such as Ortho K  should be considered.

“Treatment of myopia outweighs the risk of myopia increasing”

Who is a candidate?

Myopia Control Eyedrops are suitable for children with myopia of all degrees.

What is The EyeClinic's Myopia Control Eyedrops program?

We do not believe in just dispensing eye drops .We do not take an increase in prescription lightly.

We believe in developing healthy eye habits and teaching your child to take care of his or her eyes. Good myopia control cannot be achieved with purely using eye drops.

The first consult we would like to know your child’s reading / device habits and outdoor activities. We are a boutique clinic and we will take the time to convince your child good phone, reading and outdoor routines. Then we would confirm your child’s correct prescription and measure the length of the eyeball is by a contactless, fast and painless scan. This is to chart the axial elongation of the eyeball throughout the treatment.

The program requires three monthly easy follow ups , and would not accept an increase of power of more than 0.25D. An increase in myopia is irreversible , so we must not take any increase lightly. This is also why time is of the essence.

“The sooner myopia is controlled, the lower your child’s eye prescription for life.”

When do we start screening for myopia control?

Four years of age.

Is Myopia Control Eyedrops comfortable?

The eye drops feel like water drops and are easy to use.We also have preservative free Myopia Control Eyedrops.

Does my child still need to wear glasses after he starts Myopia Control Eyedrops?

Yes, Myopia Control Eyedrops helps to control the progression of myopia but it does not reshape the cornea like the Orthokeratology contact lenses or MiSight contact lenses hence your child will still need to wear glasses even if he is still on the eye drops.

Myopia Control Eyedrops or Ortho-k or MiSight?

Every child has different needs and lifestyle. We are pleased to have the widest range of myopia control treatment options. 

This allows the myopia control specialists at The EyeClinic to have an unbiased discussion with you and your child and choose the best option. Every child and family is different and the choice should be personalised.  

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