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Fight Childhood Myopia

I am an eye doctor specialising in childhood myopia. I am also a mother of a five year old son. I worry he develops poor eyesight as it would be a disadvantage for him for the rest of his life. I would never forgive myself if his eye sight got bad so that is why I would do everything I can. I started eye checks for him since he was 4 years old. My team of optometrists knew exactly how to play with him, reassure him and he started his first eye check identifying animals. They even have a way of checking his prescription. 

I have the same struggles as all parents but I have found ways to get him completely not wanting the phone or ipad. I struggle too to find time to take him outdoors as there‘s also too much work or it’s too hot but I have managed it. All this I will share with you as it’s way too long to type.

At any point that he is even a little bit myopic , I will start him on atropine 0.01%. Myopia increases by 100 degrees on an average per year if it is not controlled and that terrifies me.  

Atropine eye drops and myopia control contact lenses eg Ortho K or Misight definitely help. With experience, we can determine depending on your child’s age and prescription which method of myopia control would work better. 

We as parents need to help the kid develop good eye habits. When we do meet in clinic, we will work together with you and your child to develop good eye habits and to keep the myopia controlled. Yes, I am fussy but I really don’t want to see the eye sight worsen.

Myopia is a childhood disease.  I would start checking from four years old. The biggest myopia  increase is between 5 to 9 years old and again at PSLE year. It is not enough to wear glasses so a child can see. We have to stop the power from increasing too.

As one parent to another parent. I urge you to Fight Myopia .

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