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What are my alternatives to Lasik? Are there non-surgical options? But what if I don’t want the daily hassle?

Many of my patients ask this because they may have had friends who had Lasik and have heard of the dry eyes associated with it. Some others ask because are not ready for surgery. Some others have thin corneas and have failed Lasik assessment. Some do not like the idea of their corneas removed during Lasik.

We have listened to you, our patients, and we have two solutions.

One option is a special lens we call The Good Night Lens. It is is an extremely high oxygen permeable contact lens that shapes the cornea. The lenses are specially designed to be worn while sleeping and taken out upon waking. This gives you perfect sight in the day, removing the need for daytime contact lenses and spectacles. Because they are worn while sleeping, these lenses also remove the dryness and discomfort of daytime contacts and gives you freedom and comfort.

For those of you who say” but it I don’t want to wash my lenses daily and I don’t want any hassle and I also don’t want Lasik “ , there a a wonderful reversible option with a high end Swiss Lens called the Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL). It is a customised lens placed in your eye which works with your natural lens to correct your vision. It has been termed BEYOND LASIK because unlike LASIK there is no corneal destruction and is thus reversible. This means less or even none of the short and long term side effects of LASIK.

Have a watch of the video to understand more about your options.

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