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About Dr Cheryl Lee

Dr Cheryl Lee is a cataract, retinal and Implantable Contact Lens surgeon and a myopia control specialist.



Implantable Contact Lens™

Beyond Lasik, the Implantable Contact Lens (ICL™) which is the most advanced premium, vision correction surgery..



Dry eye

Premium tests and treatment to sort out your red, burning and itching sore eyes.

Cataract and Presbyopia treatment

Presbyopia occurs when the eye loses its ability to focus at near objects, which is an early sign of cataract...



Myopia Control

Early detection and prompt treatment of ocular disorders in children is important to avoid lifelong visual impairment..



Other Services available

Treatment for droopy eyelids,floaters,retinal diseases,macula degeneration, uveitis and glaucoma

The EyeClinic by Dr Cheryl Lee


The EyeClinic is a boutique clinic that combines personalized service and state of the art technology for general eye screenings to customised techniques for getting rid of your glasses. Our clinic staff include trained optometrists and nurses who provide professional care every step of the way, from the consultation stage to pre-screening, pre-surgery advice and post-surgery service.

Dr Cheryl Lee is an ophthalmologist and eye surgeon who has returned to Singapore with more than ten years of experience in the United Kingdom, France and the United States. Since then she has been inducted to the Straits Times Hall of Fame for her work and passion related to conditions related to being short sighted. The EyeClinic is Internationally recognized for its myopia control program for children. The clinic has also received recognition for its work in getting rid of reading glasses.

Dr Lee is one of the eye surgeons in Singapore, having received numerous accolades for her work in various fields of ophthalmology. This includes the Gold Medal and Book Prize in Ophthalmology from the National University of Singapore and the Marie Comer Anglian Prize in Ophthalmology from the University of Cambridge. She was also inducted into the Straits Times Hall of Fame for her work and expertise in eye diseases and vision care.

As an eye doctor in Paragon formerly, Dr Lee handles various eye-related treatments, including cataract, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, ocular inflammatory disease, paediatric ophthalmology, and more.

Through The EyeClinic, a premier eye clinic in Singapore, Dr Lee and her team offers advanced eye treatments that promises great results you can see.

At The EyeClinic, we work to give you freedom from glasses and contact lenses. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment. With us, the difference is clear to see.

"I don't underestimate the importance of looking good and preserving good vision for life

and that's why my belief, it's not just about a looking younger but seeing younger as well"


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