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Singapore has one of the highest number of people with myopia and highest prescriptions in the world. The higher the prescription, the higher the chances are of getting diseases that could potentially lead to blindness, like glaucoma• retinal detachment and cataracts. While many choose to correct their vision with LASIK procedures, there is now an alternate smut ion.

Effective and long-lasting procedure

The Swiss developed Vision Implantable Contact Lenses which  do not cause dry eyes, maintain good tong term vision and needs no daily hassle of cleaning and taking care. While the procedure is meant to be permanent, it’s also reversible. This allows the patient to exchange the lens so there is no need to wear reading glasses when she reaches presbyopic age. This is not achievable with lasik. For lasik patients, most Have to wear reading glasses, imagine the inconvenience of taking out glasses to read Yiuhandphone each time. The Icl procedure which has been around for twenty years is safe, fast and painless. ICL also does not cause retinal diseases that are more worrying concern in short-sighted people. Each ICL  Is specially customized to each individual eye from its size of ICL to the prescription.

Experienced professionals

Dr. Cherry Lee, a myopia specialist and retinal surgeon. Has been practicing, studying and teaching ophthalmology in Britain, USA and France, with all that experience she started, the eyecllnic in 2010 to provide advanced eye care solutions for patients in Singapore.

Dr Lee has devoted her time and effort in mastering the procedure. She is now an expert on IC L and her clinic is recognized as the leading ICL practice in Southeast Asia.

Dr Lee said: "my professional team and I ensure that proper assessments are done in order to get excellent outcomes. ICI. can treat a wide range of prescriptions and even patients who cannot do the LASIK procedure?Other than specializing in conditions like cataracts, retinal detachments and shortsightedness. Dr lee also treats the more mature age group with

Presbyopia.also known as long-sightedness affects the vision  of people above the age of 40 and causes them to have to use reading glasses. Dr Cheryl Lee and  her team help the patients to choose the safest and most appropriate option. They personally get to know their clients and their lifestyle habits and requirements, To ensure that the solution given is ideal and convenient for them. For more information on treatments

Consultations and public forumsdate. Visit www.eyeclinic.comsg.



Topics covered Include:                                                               

  • Vine am the differences between Lasik
    and ICL?
  • Why are more and more people choosing ICL
  • How to get rd or reading glasses,?
  • How to fill your droopy eyelids?
  • Myopia control in Children cans eyedrops and Orto- K help?
  • How to take care of eyes to prevent Blindness?

Implantable Contact Lenses

  • No dry eyes
  • No Daily Hassel
  • No cornea destruction
  • Long Term Stable version
  • Suitable even if rejected fromlasik
  • No need for glasses when Presbyopia develops.

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