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July 2016 Global Health and Travel Awards Ophthalmology Hospital of the Year

Ophthalmology hospital of the year

The Eyeclinic by Dr Cheryl Lee received recognition for being one of the best eye centres in terms of its expertise for the Implantable Contact Lens and for the outstanding service and patient commitment.Global health and travel award also took into consideration that Dr Cheryl Lee is a world famous eye surgeon for having performed the most number of ICLs in south east asia  for the Implantable Contact lens.


On being recognized as a top healthcare provider:

At the core of The Eye Clinic by Dr Cheryl lee's success is its strong focus on the quality of its specialists. Home to some of Singapore's top eyesurgeons, the clinic is headed by Dr. Cheryl Lee, Medical Director and Ophthalmic Surgeon who specializes in cataract, medical retinal conditions and Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL). The clinic also prioritise the continuous training of its optometrists. "Within Singapore, we both participate in and organize teaching sessions," said Dr. Lee.

We are a boutique clinic which allows us to attend to the needs of each and every patient. We are always contactable and we know each patient by name and face. 

The Eye Clinic is also takes pride In the quality and extensiveness of servicesprovided. "We know that eye care is a highly personal thing to every patient, so we go out of our way to help. From scheduling appointments to working around our patients' busy schedules, to even financial counseling," said Dr. Lee.

Current activities to note:

Dr. Lee herself is on the ICL international expert training panel. The panel is comprised of a team of doctors who have been selected by Staar Surgical, the creator of ICL. The doctors have been specially chosen for their extensive experience with the development and assessment of the product, as well as their surgical skills related to the implantation procedure.

"We do research, have round table meetings, conferences and teaching sessions for new surgeons and offer surgeons our opinion should they need help. We meet twice a year at an experts meeting", said Dr. Lee.

Dr. Lee currently performs the most number ICL in south east Asia.

Our other surgical specialty is getting rid of reading glasses. Each patient has different lifestyle habits and the strength of this boutique clinic is taking the time to understand the patient helping them choose the best option for their long term needs

These are some of the reasons The Eyeclinic by Dr Cheryl Lee has been chosen as TOP healthcare provider.

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