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We see children from the age of 4 years as time is of the essence for myopia screening and control.

Myopia is a disease that can lead to blindness and this correlates with the level of myopia.

If not controlled, myopia will keep increasing. The choice of atropine eye drops or ortho K depends on the age, prescription, personality and motivation of each child.


Time is of the essence if your child is suffering from myopia. Dr Cheryl Lee, myopia specialist and eye surgeon of The Myopia Clinic, says: "Myopia is a disease that could lead to blindness. The higher the prescription the higher is risk.

"If not controlled, myopia will keep increasing and never decrease. Myopia increase is highest between four to 12 years old."Dr Lee's clinic sees children aged four and above.The child's vision and prescription are checked and monitored every three months. The correct iPad, reading and outdoor habits are also taught.If the increase is more than 50 degrees per year, atropine eye drops or Ortho-K lenses may be used to control it.

At our clinic, we control the prescription tightly as we do not want to see an increase.

Because of our expertise in differ­ent myopia control techniques, we have the agility to    combine treatments."The choice of atropine eye drops, Ortho-K or special glasses depends on the age, prescription, lifestyle, and motivation of each child," Dr Lee explains.

The atropine eye drops adminis­tered by the clinic are of a low dosage with no side effects such as problems with sunlight or reading.Ortho-K lenses are speciallydesigned gas-permeable contact lenses that reshape the cornea when worn during sleep. Upon waking, the lenses are removed.

The clinic has a range of different brands such as OCUVIQ Orthokeratol­ogy lenses to cater to the different needs of each child.For adults, the clinic also offers Good Night Lens, a reversible, non-surgical vision correction treatment.Theselenses are worn during sleep and removed upon waking up.

Dr Lee brings with her more than 10 years of international experience in the field of ophthalmology.       Her team of optometrists are trained andcertified in Ortho-K, and are members of the International Academy of Orthokeratology.

Attend the clinic's public talk or visit its website at www.theeyeclinic.com.sgto find out more.

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