The Straits Times The Doctor Is In 26 April 2017

Bringing myopia under control

This article looks at the best vision correction Dr Lee would look for the option that is best suited for each individual. 

DrLee said: “Many people with myopia think that LASIK is the only solution to bring myopia under control and get rid of glasses. 

“LASIK has its side effects. Each patient must seek counsel before deciding on it. It does not stop presbyopia or vision problems that come with age, and causes people to be unsuitable for other options in the future, like multifocal lenses which is very effective for shortsightedness,long-sightedness and astigmatism.

This is one reason why I prefer the Implantable contact lenses as it is reversible and presbyopia is easily addressed In the future. Also the results are better as the level of short sightedness in Singaporeans is higher.