What are the treatment methods for blepharitis? 

1) BlephEx

2) Lid Hygiene 


"Blepharitis is a common cause of redness, itchiness and allergies. It is often overlooked. Now, there is BLEPHEX that treats it easily." 


How does BlephEx work?

It is a painless procedure that uses a medical grade micro sponge that spins thoroughly and carefully along your upper and lower lid margins to remove excess bacteriabiofilm and toxins from your lids and lashes. The micro-sponge is disposable and is changed after cleaning each eye to ensure that hygiene is well kept. You will be taught on lid hygiene after the treatment, to prevent blepharitis from occuring. 

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Why choose BlephEx? 

1) Thoroughly cleans off bacteria and mites (Demodex) that sticks to the eyelashes

2) More efficient than manual lid hygiene 

3) Effectively cleans hard to reach areas 

4) Able to thoroughly remove excess bacteria and scruffs from your eyes

5) 5 minutes procedure 

6) Repeated every 6 months 

7) No down time, you can resume back to work and social activities right after the treatment!

8) Convenient for people who don't have time to clean daily


Lid hygiene after BlephEx treatment is still necessary to maintain daily lid cleanliness. 

It is essential to remove the accumulation of bacteria and debris from the lid margins for a successful blepharitis treatment. Therefore, wiping of your eyelids with lid wipes and warm compress should be done daily to reduce the growth of bacteria and demodex (mites that live in our eyelash follicles) from growing on your lids. 

Lid Hygiene 

The video below shows a demonstration on the steps to do a warm compress, as well as the correct technique to clean your eyelids. 

Learn more about blepharitis here. 


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