Dry Eye Treatment


Treatments will depend on the cause

Dry eye treatment requires your patience and cooperation with our eye team. It can take up to 1 month to see the results as the rumbling underlying culprit has to be treated.

Dietary advice, supplements, life and work style change

  • Contact lens change and habit advice
  • Prescription lubricating eye drops. The eyedrops available in The EyeClinic are not available commercially. The tear film’s composition is complex and requires a tight balance of water, mucin and oil. Not all eye drops are created equally. After your assessment, Dr Lee will prescribe the appropriate one depending on the composition that is lacking in your eye
  • Eyelid cleaning regime and unclogging the blocked oil glands. This is a common problem as many people are unaware of how to keep their eyelids clean
  • Medication to reduce eyelid inflammation in the form of eyedrops, ointments or tablets
  • Prescription eyedrops that encourage the tear gland to produce tears again
  • Proprietary blend of estérified omega fatty acids sourced from Flax Seed, Fish Oil and Borage, available in syrup or capsule 
  • Closing your tear ducts to reduce tear loss with a simple, reversible insert that prevents your precious little tears from being wasted and drained away. It takes only a few seconds, it is comfortable and it is performed in clinic. Timing is important for this treatment procedure as the toxins need to have been washed away from the eye to obtain optimal results.

E-Eye (IRPL)

E-Eye uses Intense Regulated Pulse Light (IRPL) to treat dry eyes caused by Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

Check out the video below for the process of the E-Eye procedure:

Find out more about E-Eye treatment here.

E-Eye - Dry Eye Treatment in Singapore – The EyeClinic by Dr Cheryl Lee


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