What causes dry eyes?


If you have had dry eyes but yet have not become better despite using eye drops, it’s extremely likely that you suffer from blepharitis and/or meibomitis. This is a new scientific discovery. Years before, doctors said that there was no cure for dry eyes. But with this new discovery, innovative treatments have recently become available at The Eyeclinic by Dr Cheryl Lee. 


Common causes of Dry Eyes include: 

1. Meibomitis and meibomian gland disease

More than 60 percent of dry-eye sufferers have meibomian gland disease (MGD)!

MGD is not cured by drops which explains why many patients still have dry eyes after using eye drops as eye drops don’t treat MGD.

It's well-accepted that meibomitis is characterized by abnormal meibum secretions, differing from normal secretions in viscosity and/or color as well as physical composition.

Hypersecretion of meibum or oil happens during infrequent blinking while using digital devices or reading. Infrequent blinking causes less lubrication across the eyes, thus stimulating Meibomian glands to produce excessive meibum, resulting in blockage of glands overtime.

2. Blepharitis

This is inflammation of the eyelids, in which the eyelids become red, itchy and irritated. This is due to the overgrowth of bacteria along the lid margins.

3. Contact lens wear

4. Refractive eye surgeries

Dry eye is the most common complaint or adverse event after LASIK.

5. Hormonal deficiencies or changes

Thyroid conditions and hormonal changes during menopause are also the common factors that are associated with dry eyes.


It is not uncommon that one patient has more than one of the above causes for their dry eye. 

That is why for successful treatment for dry eyes, a combination of eye drops, supplements and Blephex and E-Light is the answer!


Patients after one month of treatment at The EyeClinic by Dr Cheryl Lee are happy and relieved as many had given up hope as they have been on eye drops for years!


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