What causes dry eyes?


If you are a contact lens wearer or have had LASIK procedure done, these are some of the common causes of Dry Eyes which many do not know about. Therefore, it is important for us to understand the cause of your Dry Eyes so as to advise on the appropriate treatment options tailored to your needs. 


Common causes of Dry Eyes include: 

1. Contact lens wear

Two million individuals abandon soft contact lens wear altogether every year. Nearly 50% of these contact lens "dropouts" attribute dryness and discomfort as the primary reasons.

2. Refractive eye surgeries

Dry eye is the most common complaint or adverse event after LASIK.

3. Hormonal deficiencies or changes

Thyroid conditions and hormonal changes during menopause are also the common factors that are associated with dry eyes.

4. Dirty and oily eyelids

Oil from the eyelids can spill onto the surface of the eye and disrupt the composition of the tear film hence giving rise to dry eye symptoms. Dirty and oily eyelids usually appear red and burning sensation may be felt on the eye.

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