ICL™ rises in popularity


The first Visian ICL™ was successfully implanted in 1998 in Europe. Now, Visian ICL™ in Singapore is available through The EyeClinic.

Worldwide, over 500,000 lenses have been implanted since then. The procedure is taking off very rapidly now, because of its excellent long-term results both in terms of efficiency and safety.

The Swiss-made lenses are popular among athletes and those involved in high impact activities. Top US professional cyclist Tom Danielson is one such person who has benefited from Visian ICL™. After undergoing the surgery, Danielson has a vision that’s better than 20/20, which in turn, has helped elevate his performance substantially in one of the most physically and mentally demanding endurance sports.

Watch apl.de.ap talked about his Visian ICL™ experience on good morning America!

Professional cyclist Tom Danielson talked about his experience with the Visian ICL™!