What is Implantable Contact Lens™?



Wish you could do away with your glasses? You know of contacts and LASIK. But is there a better option? YES, now there is! Through The EyeClinic, you can get Visian ICL™ in Singapore with great results.

Implantable Contact Lens Gives Better Vision

diagram of the human eyeEvery few years, a ground breaking procedure becomes available. There was PRK followed by LASIK and now there is the Visian Implantable Contact Lens (Visian ICL™) from Switzerland. This is a revolutionary advancement as it is reversible and causes no damage to your natural eye.

Visian ICL™ has a 20 years history and is largely known in Europe and the USA. Since Dr Lee's return to Singapore in 2009, the number of Visian ICLs implanted in Singapore has increased significantly.

Visian ICL™ is a lens placed within the eye and is made of Collamer, which is similar to collagen. It is biocompatible and is never rejected by the body because collagen is found in our bodies naturally. Rather than altering the shape of the cornea by thinning the corneal tissue as in LASIK, the Visian ICL™ is easily inserted into your eye behind the iris through a tiny self-healing wound of 2.5 mm. The cornea where light enters the eye is kept pristine. Visian ICL™ is made of a soft foldable material called Collamer, which is similar to collagen. Hence the lenses are bio-compatible.

It works like your normal contact lens but without the daily hassle and discomfort