Why choose ICL™?


Advantages of Visian ICL™ vs LASIK

1. Long term stable vision

As the cornea is not artificially thinned like LASIK, the prescription remains stable.

2. No need for glasses when presbyopia develops

This is because the Visian ICL™ is reversible. Hence, when presbyopia sets in, it can be exchanged for a multifocal lens. This is not an option for most LASIK patients with thinned cornea. 

3. No dry eyes

The nerves within the cornea which stimulate tear production are also cut in LASIK. This is why post-LASIK patients suffer from dry eyes. The nerves are left intact in Visian ICL™ so dry eyes is not a concern. This means more comfort, no red eyes and better vision. 

4. Why do we save the cornea 

  • For better quality of vision now and in the future
  • No dry eyes
  • No need for reading glasses as you can have multifocal lenses in future
  • Accurate calculation for cataract surgery when needed in older age

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For many, Visian ICL™ not just a cosmetic procedure. It is an optical fact that the nearer a vision correction is placed nearer to the sweet spot (nodal point) in the eye, the clearer the vision. This explains why glasses give poorer vision than contact lenses. But with contact lenses, dry eyes and irritation (especially with prolonged wear) causes your eyes to look tired and red. The added advantage of the Visian ICL™ is that even those who were previously turned away from LASIK, such as those with thin corneas, chronic dry eyes, or extreme refractive error, now have hope. Moreover, by protecting the windscreen of the eyes (the cornea), the quality of vision stays crisp and patients will still be able to maintain his High Definition (HD) vision.


Visian ICL™ procedure is reversible so that in future, should vision problems occur due to ageing, there are still options available to treat the issue. Visian ICL™ also has UV protection which offers added coverage against the harmful sun rays that can cause retinal problems.


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