Why choose The EyeClinic ?


A) Surgeon's experience with Visian ICL™ and short-sightedness

Dr Lee is on the expert training panel to other surgeons for the Visian ICL™ and also specialises in diseases related to short-sightedness. If you cannot see without glasses you are probably short-sighted. Short sighted patients have higher risk of floaters and retinal problems.


When choosing an option to get rid of glasses, you should choose the one that does not increase your risks of eye problems. This is where the Visian ICL™ has its niche – its added safety.

Dr Cheryl Lee, as a retinal specialist makes sure that you go through a comprehensive eye examination for other eye problems related to being short-sighted.

Getting rid of glasses is the easy task. Taking care of the overall eye health should be of chief importance

B) Equipments and optometrists to customise your Visian ICL™

1) Your Visian ICL™ size
We have not one but two machines which tell you how important sizing the lens is. We ' double confirm' the size of your eye where the Visian ICL™ fits with the Sonomed ultrasound machines. This is the gold standard of care as there is direct visualization of the inside of the eye. By ensuring the Visian ICLTM size is customised to your eye, your risk of cataracts and eye pressure rise can be prevented.


2) Your Visian ICL™ power
Dr Lee works with a team of optometrists with years of experience with the Visian ICLTM to ensure precision of the optical prescription. They are also trained to conduct a simulation in the clinic prior to the surgery to give you an idea of what to expect after the Visian ICL™ is implanted.

C) Equipments to ensure you eyes are free of other associated eye diseases.

Patients undergo comprehensive eye health assessment for early detection of eye diseases and specular microscopy for healthy corneal endothelial cell count.



We have a dedicated financial counseling team with regards to your medisave and insurance claims and interest-free credit card instalment system.

We help you See better and Look better