Contact lens for myopia control


MiSight and Ortho-k lenses are both effective in controlling myopia progression. 

However, both treatment options are different from each other. 

At The EyeClinic, we will find the best suitable treatment options for your child based on their lifestyle habits.

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MiSight® 1 dayThe first soft contact lens proven to slow myopia progression in children1
At a glance, MiSight :
  • Corrects myopia and also reduces myopic progression
  • Reduces the chance of developing high levels of myopia (-6.00D or more) which may lower the incidence of eye diseases associated with short-sightedness such as retinal detachment and glaucoma
  • May improve the self-esteem of children and teenagers in terms of their ability to participate in sporting activities and their social acceptance
  • Does not requires any cleaning, disinfection or worrying about lost lenses as they are daily disposable lenses
  • Has low dehydration rates, delivers suitable oxygen transmission for daily wear and provide good all-day comfort and eye health
MiSight daily disposable contact lenses minimize the progression of myopia by combining MiSight contact lenses with ActivControl™ Technology and strategies for better eye health.
1Data on file, CooperVision.

MiSight™ and ActivControl™ Technology

  1. Designing and making a soft contact lens that gives clear vision and can control the rate of progression is a major scientific and technological breakthrough and, in the majority of cases, finally offers a simple, comfortable way to treat the progression of myopia.
  2. ActivControl™ Technology results in a soft contact lens that gives clear vision and can control the rate of progression, in the majority of cases⁵.
  3. MiSight™ is a soft, daily disposable contact lens in the proven Proclear® material. The benefits of using soft daily disposable lens include comfort with no need for cleaning or disinfecting the lenses. The Proclear® material has been shown to have low dehydration rates, good all day comfort and it has a Dk/t (36.6) greater than the Holden Mertz criteria for daily wear (24).
  1. A daily disposable lens, such as MiSight™, is ideal for even young children. Not having to clean the lenses and with lost or damaged lenses easily replaced daily disposable lenses are the ideal option for even young children. A daily disposable lens, rather than a lens replaced every two or 4 weeks, can also reduce the occurrence of eye infections and symptoms related to ocular allergies⁷.
  2. MiSight™ uses ActivControl™ Technology which results in clear distance, intermediate and near vision while the peripheral treatment zones of the lens creates myopic retinal defocus that has been shown to control the rate of progression of myopia⁵.
  3. Children may be aware of a slight shadowing of images when first introduced to ActivControl™ Technology, most of those fitted report the shadowing decreases over the first week of wear⁸.
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In the EyeClinic, we have a team of both ophthalmologist and optometrists working together to ensure each individual child is well taken care of.

Orthokeratology (also known as Ortho-K/overnight contact lenses) uses an extremely high oxygen permeable contact lens to temporarily reshape the cornea. The contact lenses are worn while sleeping and taken out upon wakening. This means that your child’s sight will be good during the day hence allowing him/her to go to school, exercise, and swim without needing glasses or contact lenses.

For adults who are interested in wearing Ortho-k lenses, you can visit here for more information.