Spectacles Lenses


There is now a spectacles alternative for parents and children who are not comfortable using Atropine eye drops and Ortho-k contact lenses. These special spectacle lenses are designed to slow down the progression of myopia by an average of 30% compared to traditional spectacle lenses. 


The design of the spectacle lenses are based on the peripheral blur theory similar to that for Ortho-k. These spectacle lenses provide sharp vision in the center of the lens and blurs the periphery. The spectacle lenses work if the child looks through the center of the lens. The spectacles are to be worn throughout all visual activities - both reading and distance vision. 

Who is a candidate?

This spectacles lenses are suitable for children with:

  • Myopia of up to 800 degrees
  • Astigmatism of up to 200 degrees
  • Does not want to use Ortho-k contact lenses or Atropine eye drops

Are theses spectacle lenses comfortable?

As with all lenses worn for the first time, children may required time to adapt to their new lenses. It is important to note that the child may experience slightly blurred vision when turning their eyes away from the center of the lens. This is easily overcome by turning their head in the direction of gaze. However, with explanation on using the lenses, children adapt quickly and easily to theses spectacle lenses. 

What does the procedure involve?

An appointment has to be made to check the health of the eye before any treatment can be administered. Cycloplegic refraction must be done to determine the child’s correct prescription, and the axial length of the eyeball is to be determined by a scan. This is to chart the axial elongation of the eyeball throughout the treatment. 

The child choose the frame that he or she wants and after adjusting to ensure that the fit is right, we will do the necessary markings on the spectacle lenses. Following this, the frame will be sent to the lab for the spectacle lenses to be manufactured. Before dispensing, the fitting of the spectacles and explanation of using the spectacles will be explained to both the child and the parents.


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Our centre is also one of the healthcare institutions registered with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) under the Baby Bonus Scheme.  This means that your savings in the Child Development Account (CDA) may be used to pay for your children's eye check and myopia control program (orthokeratology contact lenses/Atropine Eye drops/Special Spectacle Lenses)!


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