What is a Cataract?


What is cataract?

In our eyes, there is a crystalline lens which helps us focus for far and near like the lens in a camera.
With age, the lens hardens and becomes less flexible and loses its ability to focus for near. The first sign of a cataract is presbyopia or “Lao Hua”. Symptoms of cataract includes glare and blurring of vision. 

Clouding of vision can be observed in the advanced stage of cataract.



When should I undergo cataract surgery and intraocular lens implantation surgery?

The time to consider surgery is when it affects your quality of life. It’s not about how “hard or ripe” the cataract is. Most of our patients take this golden opportunity to correct myopia (short-sightedness), long-sightedness, presbyopia (“Lao Hua”) and astigmatism. In The EyeClinic by Dr Cheryl Lee, the aim is to help you be spectacle free for far and near- a new lease of life.

Is cataract surgery really life changing?

Our patients say that colours look more beautiful and best of all not having to change glasses for far, computer and reading is so convenient. Many are happy with how much younger they look without the reading glasses! These patients would have chosen to have the multifocal lenses which is our area of expertise. Beyond the surgery, experience has taught us how to choose the correct multifocal lens for each patient. Some multifocal lenses cause glare and haloes and would be inappropriate for those who drive at night. Some lenses are really good for patients who like needle work or reading in Chinese. Refractive multifocal lenses cause minimal sight disturbances and are different from diffractive multifocal lenses.

Multifocal lenses are like cars. There are SUVs and cabriolets and every model in between. We need to discuss which one is best suited to you.

What is important for you to have a good outcome?

Intraocular lens implants which help you get rid of your glasses for far and near requires experience and technology.

  1. Dry eyes need to be assessed pre-operatively (with Tear lab Osmolarity System) as dry eyes can impact significantly the lens power chosen to be implanted and astigmatism correction.
  2. Experience of the doctor and specialist optometrist in helping you choose the correct lens suitable for your lifestyle
  3. Up-to-date machines for lens power measurement
  4. Surgical experience of the doctor

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