Why you will be happy with The EyeClinic?


Why you will be happy with The EyeClinic?

1) We are very experienced with customising multifocal lenses. About 90 percent of our patients have had the premium lenses that's why we know how to get good results for you. Not all lenses are the same. Premium lenses (so you don't have to wear glasses to see far or near) require precise pre-operative assessments and care. 

2) We pay attention to preparation before surgery as much as the surgery. Side effects and risks are reduced to even eradicated. It's not good enough to just do a good surgery. 

3) We will customise lenses to fit your lifestyle.

We are a boutique clinic (not a chain) and we will spend time to know your eye needs for work and leisure. This is important to help you choose from the huge variety of lenses to what suits your lifestyle best. 

The EyeClinic has the up-to-date equipment to ensure:

1) Accuracy of your IOL power

The main components that are required to determine the range of IOL powers for your eyes are the length and curvature of your eyes. At the centre, the measurements are taken with the up-to-date Zeiss IOL Master optical biometry and Cassini corneal topographer which is unique that it measures not just the anterior cornea but the posterior cornea too. Based on these findings, Dr Cheryl Lee will decide on the IOL power that is most suited to your visual requirements

Cassini corneal topographer
(Image courtesy of i-optics)



2) Suitability of your eye for the premium IOL

Premium IOLs are not for everyone. Apart from a comprehensive eye examination, Dr Cheryl Lee ensures that all patients undergo high-definition Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for early detection of retinal and glaucoma changes and specular microscopy for healthy corneal endothelial cell count. Your overall eye health is of utmost important when it comes to your suitability for any IOL implantation.

High definition OCT
(Image courtery of Zeiss)


3) Dry eye assessment with TearLab Osmolarity device

Most of us at presbyopic age have dry eyes due to hormonal change and overuse of handphones and computers. Dry eyes can get worse after cataract surgery and can cause glare and haloes. Dry eyes must be adequately treated prior to surgery and must never be underestimated. To learn more, click here. 

4) We continuously audit our results to make sure we are up to a high standard

5) we have a dedicated financial counseling team with regards to your medisave and insurance claims. You can talk to us regarding any queries or concerns. 

If you want a premium lens that meets your lifestyle needs, the care and dedication to the whole process from the first consult, the time spent pre-surgery preparation to the post care is extremely important. Our team of optometrists and Dr Lee have an unsurpassable expertise with premium lenses to ensure you are happy with the results.

Come to The EyeClinic by Dr Cheryl Lee and read the honest testimonials of patients who have have trusted us and said goodbye to their glasses!

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Our centre is also one of the healthcare institutions registered with the Ministry of Health. This means that your procedure may be claimable with your Medisave account. If you have any Insurance plans, your procedure may be claimable too. Do check with our staff for more information!


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