Why choose The EyeClinic?


The EyeClinic has the up-to-date equipment to ensure:

1)    Accuracy of your IOL power


The main components that are required to determine the range of IOL powers for your eyes are the length and curvature of your eyes. At the centre, the measurements are taken with the up-to-date Zeiss IOL Master optical biometry and Cassini corneal topographer. Based on these findings, Dr Cheryl Lee will decide on the IOL power that is most suited to your visual requirements


Cassini corneal topographer
(Image courtesy of i-optics)



2)   Suitability of your eye for the premium IOL

Premium IOLs are not for everyone. Apart from a comprehensive eye examination, Dr Cheryl Lee ensures that all patients undergo high-definition Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for early detection of retinal and glaucoma changes and specular microscopy for healthy corneal endothelial cell count. Your overall eye health is of utmost important when it comes to your suitability for any IOL implantation.


High definition OCT
(Image courtery of Zeiss)



We have a dedicated financial counseling team with regards to your medisave and insurance claims.


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Our centre is also one of the healthcare institutions registered with the Ministry of Health. This means that your procedure may be claimable with your Medisave account. If you have any Insurance plans, your procedure may be claimable too. Do check with our staff for more information!